How to Make a Superfood Salad

How to Make a Superfood Salad   Super Salad   As I write this, we are in the midst of a pandemic. COVID19 has come to a town near you and you may be self or government...

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Self care IS NOT SELFish

One of Cat’s specialties is empowering women. But I’m not going to say that a man can’t get something out of her timely message. ~Christiane Marshall, editor   A Message...

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The stay at home blessings

Here’s a positive spin on shelter in place by our intern Kiteara Sinnett. She has written a very insightful piece on this universal pause we’re experiencing. Enjoy! ~Christiane...

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Historic Harmar Bridge

Historic Harmar Bridge  Written by Christiane Marshall Harmar Bridge has a long history, and holds practical, sentimental and romantic value for many in this community.  To the...

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GoPacksIf you have children in Marietta City Schools, you likely know about the GoPacks program. In this issue, we give a brief overview, but we will be saying a lot more next...

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Try This First

Try This FirstAt Marietta and Beyond, we care about you and the children in Marietta and beyond. Often in conversations, I hear people expressing how difficult it is to find...

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Marietta and Beyond