Global/Local Let’s talk about the word “local,” shall we? Local means right here, right now. It means the people who are my neighbors, who live within a few minutes of me. It...

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GoPacksIf you have children in Marietta City Schools, you likely know about the GoPacks program. In this issue, we give a brief overview, but we will be saying a lot more next...

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Try This First

Try This FirstAt Marietta and Beyond, we care about you and the children in Marietta and beyond. Often in conversations, I hear people expressing how difficult it is to find...

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You Can Like Tofu, Honest

You Can Like Tofu, Honest  Seasoned Tofu Don’t like tofu? Wait, it has no taste. That’s a good reason not to like it! I’m going to show you how to add flavor.   Tofu...

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