Get relief from back pain in Marietta Ohio, Dr. David Norris, chiropractor, functional medicine, nutritionistWhen I was experiencing severe pain, pain relief in a pill was convenient. But we all worry about taking pills for pain for a long period of time. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDS can cause many problems starting with tummy problems and damage to our kidneys. Many pharmaceuticals also tax our livers. I personally believe in trying to preserve my major organs from damage, so I always look for alternatives.

Dr. David Norris is a chiropractor, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner who happens to have an office near Marietta and Beyond’s office. His prices are more than reasonable. Actually, they are less than most co-pays. He believes in making healthcare affordable, and does not do insurance.

Have you ever heard of getting a chiropractic adjustment for $29?! He also gives FREE talks locally to help people learn how to improve their health. I’ve attended his talks and can attest to the fact that he does not talk down to people, and always thoughtfully answers questions. Plus, he discusses interesting topics, and is well read on recent research.

His hours are varied and include days, evenings and weekends. I remember a time that I could not get a chiropractic appointment on Thursdays or weekends. It seemed every chiropractor was closed on Thursdays!

Call or text (216) 659-0334

If you’re looking for a chiropractor or nutritionist, or wanting to get type II diabetes or an inflammatory condition under control, consider giving him a call or text.

(216) 659-0334

One man’s results after working with Dr. Norris for 3 months:

Back in Line Chiropractic with Dr. Norris from Fourteen55 Media, LLC on Vimeo.