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Would you like to find out what’s holding you back and drive more business? Order a website critique and get the answers on how to improve your site.


Does this sound familiar?

“People come to my website, but they leave quickly without checking other pages.”

“I know my website is a mess, but I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to fix it”.

Would you like to find out what’s holding you back and drive more business?

Let me give you professional feedback on your website. You’ll receive:

  • A detailed list of the problems with your website’s copy, usability, and design
  • Actionable solutions for each of them

…so that your skills and products can finally get the appreciation they deserve, and your bank account, the reward that’s long overdue.

And no, you don’t need a website redesign. In most cases, the changes I suggest are based on the current theme and won’t require you to change your website layout.

How does it work?

Request a website critique

To request a website critique, click the link, pay for the service, and  I’ll take a look at your website and come back to you to discuss the scope.

I usually respond in an email within 24 hours. Check your spam folder just in case it went there.

We discuss the scope

The standard scope for the website critique includes your homepage + two pages of your choice (for example, your About page and a page for your main service or product).

If you want me to critique more pages we can include it into the scope as well so that you get the feedback on all pages important to your business.

I send you a questionnaire

To make sure my improvement suggestions are as useful to you as possible, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your target audience, business model, current struggles, and competitors.

If your business website gets a lot of traffic and you’re struggling with a specific problem (for example, low conversion rates on particular pages) I’d also ask to see your session replays and Google Analytics data.

I review your website in detail

I’ll access each page based on the following points:

  • How well does it meet the expectations of your website visitors?
  • Does it provide enough value?
  • Is it clear?
  • Does anything distract your website visitors or prevent them from taking an action?

Your website critique will be ready in 3-5 working days.


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